Jaquese "Jaywah" Doris Powell is a singer-songwriter, beatmaker, sound engineer, record producer, pianist, and violinist.


Born in Atlanta, GA, Powell has been a musical force beginning with the first few droplets of sound to escape her small body. Raised in an environment filled with West African, Motown, and Funk music, Jaywah has roots in musical passion. Singing her heart out at 3 years old to Toni Braxton's "Unbreak My Heart," Jaywah's desire to achieve chart topping success has never been quelled. At the age of 8, Jaywah entered a children's choir, learning her vocal abilities. At 9, she began violin lessons, and from that point on, her journey into discovering her musical person continued.



At the age of 12, Jaywah began composing tunes in a composition book. At the age of 13, with years of violin training under her belt, Jaywah auditioned for a performing arts magnet school. Upon entry, she learned the piano and gained a girth of knowledge about music theory and ear training.



Today, Jaywah has written countless songs, and is focused on using her music as a force. She makes her own instrumentals, composes all of her own music, and will show that "independent woman" is more than a catchy song lyric.


Jaywah has decided to showcase her songwriting, recording, mixing, composing, and producing abilities by completely writing, producing, recording and mixing every song on her first mixtape, You.Me.Down, as well as making every 13 out of the 14 instrumentals on the project. She even gives you a slight taste of her string playing!


Jaywah's latest mixtape, "Charcoal," is now available for free download here! You can also watch her HOT music video for her latest single from the project, Language, here!

Her latest musical effort is an EP, "Unmute," that generously celebrates the fusion of cultures that she fits into both musically and personally. She uses both her American and Liberian cultures to bring to life an edgy cool vibe in this 5 song EP. "Unmute" is now streaming everywhere!