Black Confidence

This is the first day of the year, and I have been up for about 4 hours working on my website. Most of the changes that I've made are concerning the fact that I'm releasing a mixtape on Sunday. I'm doing this mixtape to prove not only to myself, but to others that music is a baby. Music shouldn't be defined by what gear you use, what sounds you use, or what lyrics you sing. It should be able to be free expression. I've been locked in a shell for so long. I am ready to spread my creative wings. I'm confident now. I'm ready for what the world will offer me. And, visually, I've discovered that the red, black and white theme is definitely not a bad touch. I love it. Black and white, and red all over. I'm very aware, like every one, that there are many stereotypes associated with being a black person. I feel that stereotypes are a method of controlling the minds of the masses. There has been a development of mind control where as people are literally forming opinions based on sights with no sound, no knowledge. But I digress. My thoughts are rambling. And as I am awake at 4:56am, I'm considering my music and it's complete organic nature. I was able to really be myself. I'm not afraid. I used my $100 AT2020 to record this entire project, and I will admit that I am proud of my personal performance, and I'm proud of my microphone for doing the best she could to see my vision. We don't simply "put in work." We are artists. That's what musicians are. And if I can spend my days creating true art, telling stories, and being organic, I'll be happy. There's nothing wrong with hot, hit records. I'd love to make them, trust me. I'd love to make many hit records for many artists, truthfully. But the fact of the matter is, those hits cannot define you. If they define you, then after every hit record, you will be frozen in time. I am ready to continue editing, but it was nice relieving myself of these random thoughts. Ciao.

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