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Jaquese "Jaywah" Powell is a singer-songwriter, producer and audio engineer born in Atlanta, Georgia. Using skills acquired through life-long music theory and technical training, Jaywah is quickly becoming an artist to watch. After successfully producing two mixtapes, "You.Me Down" and "Charcoal," Jaywah released her debut EP, "Unmute." A celebration of Jaywah's cultures and values, Unmute is a blend of futuristic r&b and Liberian inspired rhythms. The EP gained momentum very quickly, and was followed by Jaywah's most recent release, a music video for the single, "Self Love." 


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the EP

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*Songs from Unmute have been added to 190 different playlists.

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Most listeners hear the EP through to their personal playlists.

*These numbers represent the amount of time Jaywah had music on the platform. From October 18th 2020 to today's date, she has gained 1,553 listeners.

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*Unmute has been streamed across 30 countries on Apple Music!


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*The music video for "Self Love" has received nearly 25,000 views in 3 weeks.

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Phone - (407) 459-5627

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